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About Mom’s Mimosa

Welcome to Mom’s Mimosa, a daily women’s lifestyle site founded by Kristine McCarty. The Mom’s Mimosa Blog covers style, beauty, wellness, travel, recipes and more.

Kristine is a mom to three, ages ranging from 3 to 16, and a happy wife sharing life’s adventures with her husband Dennis.

Kristine is an interactive media professional that freelances in between soccer and  baseball games. From designing and coding websites at Johnson Space Center (space ages ago) to working as Vice President of Interactive Media and Marketing at the nonprofit World Affairs Council, she’s covered the gamut of enterprises in her 20-year professional career. You can view her portfolio here. If you have a design or coding project for Kristine, email her at

Additionally, Kristine is an advocate for people struggling with Hashimoto’s Disease. Her personal experience with Hashimoto’s has made her passionate about providing advice and resources to aid remission and proper diagnosis for others.

Kristine is an avid traveler who has explored Europe, trekked to Zambia twice and traversed the halls of the Taj Mahal. She is an unapologetic Disney fanatic who braves Orlando’s summer heat to visit Disney World with her family.

Mom’s Mimosa is a pet project for Kristine. She loves to share her thoughts and reviews in hope that it may be beneficial to someone, somewhere. If not, she considers it good cheap therapy for herself. – FREE Website Submission